Enabling High-Value Provider Performance Through Dynamic Healthcare Analytics

Take complexity out of provider network optimization with a holistic view of provider efficiency and value-driven referral patterns. We work collaboratively to accomplish your goals, achieve better outcomes, and reduce the delivery of low-value care.

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Identify Wasteful Spending

With roughly 30% of all health spend being of low-value; only providing short term relief or entirely unnecessary, it’s a trillion-dollar problem and growing. HealthCorum has developed proprietary technology and methodologies to analyze various healthcare data and generate risk-adjusted scores for physicians nationwide, allowing healthcare organizations to pinpoint wasteful spending and optimize their provider networks

Practical Applications

HealthCorum’s solutions can be leveraged to drive a multitude of strategies
Optimize Provider Networks

Compare providers to one another in a fair and meaningful way to assess areas that need improvement.

Enhance Referral Patterns

Surface provider referral patterns and work to eliminate inefficiencies.

Quantify Low-Value Care

Instantly analyze claims data to identify low-value care with our AI-driven process.