Meet HealthCorum NOW, a cloud-based platform helping health care payers reduce the prevalence of unnecessary care that is of low value to patients. It saves money for payers by providing intelligence to identify the most efficient providers and facilities for their network based on the intensity of practice patterns, clinical results, and patient experience data.

Essential Tools for Navigating your Provider Network Expansion

Wasteful Spending Crisis

Americans spend over $10k per person per year on health care, more than any other country, and over 30% of spend is considered to be of low value to the patient. This category of spend is unnecessary, provides little to no benefit, and carries additional risks. With HealthCorum, payers can manage unwarranted variation and reduce the delivery of low-value care in their network.

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Market Risk Assessment

Discover where to deploy resources based on population health factors, matching the right providers to the appropriate risk arrangements.

Network Analysis

How much wasteful spending do you currently absorb? Find out with our in depth network analysis.

Network Optimization

Take steps to create a more efficient network. Our audits will uncover opportunities to reduce low-value care spending.