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Health Care Benchmarking Platform

HealthCorum collects a set of common metrics to benchmark and compare hospitals, providers and nursing homes nationwide and uses its powerful analytical engine to transform these metrics into actionable insights. The HealthCorum platform sorts through health care benchmarks to rank individual doctors, hospitals, post-acute centers, and other delivery entities based on intensity of practice patterns, clinical data and patient experience. Hospitals use these data to improve their quality of care, patient experience, and recruit top doctors.

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HealthCorum Analytical Platform enables hospitals, hospital networks and payers to analyze and compare hospitals and their healthcare providers in a very detailed fashion and draw valuable insights.


our difference

HealthCorum is an analytic and data management platform that creates a scalable, transparent, and uniform approach to reporting on the performance of individual physicians, hospitals and nursing homes. HealthCorum aggregates the fragmented provider data from doctor ratings sites, government data sources, social media, real time data feeds, reports from private and public research and studies, consumer reviews analyzed by our sentiment analyzer and census data to resolve the obstacles in accurately measuring physician performance and presenting the results in a compelling way.


Efforts to measure, rate, and publicly report on quality of care have proliferated in recent years. The demand from payers--employers, insurers, and government--for more accountability amid continued quality gaps and rising health care costs has been the main driver.

Identifying, measuring, and evaluating the care that physicians and other health care providers deliver is complicated by limited data, privacy concerns, and the challenge of trying to compare data from diverse sources.

HealthCorum Platform identifies, measures, evaluates and aggregates all these diverse, fragmented healthcare data presenting the results and reporting physician performance in a compelling way that no other entity has been able to do it so far in the market.