A Few Words About Us

The Mission

Founded in Boston, MA, HealthCorum was born with the mission to make healthcare more efficient and affordable for patients nationwide. As patients, we witnessed the outrageous bills being sent to our insurers for unnecessary procedures firsthand. When insurer costs go up, healthcare expenses increase for all. Thus began our journey.

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Our Signature Solution

HealthCorum NOW creates a level playing field of risk-adjusted benchmarks for providers nationwide. The goal is to increase network efficiency and minimize PMPY (Per Member Per Year) cost. Payers can view a myriad of “risk factors” for any given county or zip code to better evaluate market conditions. HealthCorum NOW delivers predictive, data-driven recommendations to optimize your network and reduce wasteful spending.

Why HealthCorum?

Let’s face it – current methods simply aren’t working. HealthCare costs continue to rise, and efforts to curb unnecessary spending at the point of care have faltered. Payers have increasingly fewer options to manage risk given guaranteed issue and standardized benefit designs. Our top-down approach empowers them to objectively identify which providers are inefficient and costly relative to their peers. Networks optimized by HealthCorum NOW contain less wasteful spending and lead to lower overall costs for payers and their members.