Patient Acquisition, Loyalty and Referral Platform

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patient loyalty

Providing a better patient experience will help healthcare providers win patient loyalty—and bring them significant financial benefits. HealthCorum improves the patient experience by developing strategies, capabilities and analytics to enable the key elements of a superior patient experience—speed to access, convenience, information transparency and personalized service.

provider referral

Improves the specialty care selection process with accurate network affiliation, patient satisfaction score, proximity to patient, specialty, sub-specialty, procedures and conditions treated (and more)

patient acquisition

HealthCorum Social Media Marketing Platform makes sure that health care providers reach their target audience in a powerful way. From creation to management, providers are covered across an array of platforms.

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what we offer

    Know what is being written about your practice in doctor reviews and rating websites, harvested from the web. With continuous Internet monitoring, HealthCorum provides you information on your patient reviews including some you may not be aware of as they appear or get published, based on 20+ review websites.


    HealthCorum strengthens patient-provider relationships with a comprehensive survey approach that enables real-time feedback and performance benchmarks, leveraging state-of-the-art survey methodology across the continuum of care. Engage all patients in meaningful dialog with targeted surveys that capture deeper data, deliver powerful insights and pinpoint improvement opportunities that drive patient loyalty in every care setting and service line.


    HealthCorum Provider Referral Platform creates a unique way to compare physicians with their peers. Physician profiling allows hospitals and networks compare groups and individual physicians with metrics that track quality, utilization, cost and prescribing practices against group, network and national benchmarks. Showing physicians how their performance compares to other physicians improves clinical quality and cost-related outcomes. Research and match patients with the most appropriate affiliated in-network doctor based on a number of criteria


    HealthCorum's mobile app platform can be individualized for any health care network and give them access to everything they need to engage users like a person, and not just a patient. HealthCorum mobile app fills the gap in care delivery by enabling personalized, guided navigation that can change in real-time – for each and every user.


    The Platform analyzes online comments on Facebook and Twitter. It divides comments into positive, neutral and negative buckets, and the negative comments are monitored continuously during business hours. Complaints that require action are issued a trouble ticket, just as if a patient had called the call center directly.

  • Social Media Marketing

    HealthCorum Social Media Marketing Service makes sure that doctors reach their target audience in a powerful way. From creation to management, we have doctors covered across an array of platforms. We create and maintain an active Facebook and Twitter presence for doctor offices and create Facebook advertisement campaigns to gain more customers.