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market risk assessment

Discover where to deploy resources based on population health factors, matching the right providers to the appropriate risk arrangements.

network analysis

We will analyze your existing network of providers: 1. Amount of wasteful spending 2. Inefficient providers 3. Most vulnerable regions and specialties

network optimization

Take steps to create a more efficient network. Uncover opportunities to reduce low-value care spending and consider more efficient providers and facilities to include.

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    A barrier in the current healthcare data environment to implementation of the frameworks is the significant fragmentation of the data. HealthCorum Platform identifies, measures, evaluates and aggregates all these diverse, fragmented healthcare data presenting the results and reporting physician performance in a compelling way that no other entity has been able to do it so far in the market.


    Generating the type of healthcare analytics necessary to propel a health organization forward not only takes time and cross-departmental efforts, it also requires the integration of technology to centralize and analyze data. HealthCorum provides insights that enable smarter business decisions, more effective programs and tactics, and optimized patient acquisition and retention.


    Physician profiling allows hospitals and networks compare groups and individual physicians with metrics that track quality, utilization, cost and prescribing practices against group, network and national benchmarks. Showing physicians how their performance compares to other physicians improves clinical quality and cost-related outcomes. Research and match patients with the most appropriate affiliated in-network doctor based on a number of criteria


    HealthCorum's mobile app platform can be individualized for any health care network and give them access to everything they need to engage users like a person, and not just a patient. HealthCorum mobile app fills the gap in care delivery by enabling personalized, guided navigation that can change in real-time – for each and every user.


    HealthCorum also tracks the patient experience for 3.6 M health care providers nationwide. Providing a better consumer experience will not only help healthcare providers win patient loyalty—it will also bring them significant financial benefits. Those providers that develop strategies, capabilities and analytics that minimize barriers and enable the key elements of a superior patient experience—speed to access, convenience, information transparency and personalized service—will be best positioned to out- perform their peers.


    HealthCorum’s Benchmarks look at a different category of spending to shift focus from clinical edits, audits, and recovery efforts to identifying care that is clinically appropriate, but unnecessary. Historical efforts have shown returns, but they only look at a fraction of total spending. Unnecessary care can account for up to 30% of total spending and provides significantly larger opportunities for cost containment and quality improvement.