Enabling High-Value Provider Performance Through Tailored Healthcare Analytics

HealthCorum delivers granular insights to drive provider network optimization strategies, from regional to nationwide deployments

Reduce Low-Value Care

Benchmark and score providers relative to their peers using cost, quality, and efficiency metrics 

HealthCorum has developed proprietary technology and methodologies to analyze various healthcare data, including

Detection of low-value care spending using Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Identification and optimization of referral activity between providers
Recognition of potential conflicts of interest by linking prescribing patters to pharma company payments received
Analysis of provider network leakage
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Create New Networks

Expedite the research process and be better prepared for contracting discussions

Optimize Existing Networks icon

Optimize Existing Networks

Compare providers to one another in a fair and meaningful way in order to assess areas that need improvement

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Expand Existing Networks

View data on all available providers, including proprietary scores that indicate the relative cost efficiency of each provider

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Educate Providers

Share data-driven benchmarks to facilitate conversations with providers and improve performance

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Gain Competitive Advantage

Opportunities to execute various cost-saving strategies

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Quantify Low-Value Care

Instantly analyze claims data to identify low-value care with our AI-driven process

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Detect And Analyze Referral Patterns

Surface provider referral patterns and work to eliminate inefficiencies 

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Surface Competitive Intelligence

Aggregate data on all providers in each selected network to deliver a greater understanding of network strengths and weaknesses

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