HealthCorum scores and foundational technologies are available via three solutions and can add additional value to custom projects

HealthCorum NOW®

HealthCorum NOW® is our client-facing platform that comes preloaded with benchmarks for every physician, hospital, and zip code in the United States – no I.T. integration required. HealthCorum NOW® is also capable of ingesting and analyzing commercial claims from health plans and self-funded employers. The platform is accessed through our website and is the presentation hub for all HealthCorum data and reports.

HealthCorum API Integration®

HealthCorum API Integration® connects directly to our internal backend data lake which empowers our data analysis and reporting. HealthCorum API Integration® is designed to integrate seamlessly with external Business Intelligence (BI) systems, offering tremendous flexibility for channel partners and end-users alike.

HealthCorum LIVE®

HealthCorum LIVE® is our standalone product that analyzes claims data and reports on low-value care procedures in real-time. HealthCorum LIVE® can be installed in a health plans internal network or deployed remotely in various environments. Internally, HealthCorum LIVE® is written with C++ and runs as a native binary on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms processing claims in real-time.

HealthCorum Consulting

We often encounter clients who have a pipeline full of great ideas, but do not have the internal resources or nuanced expertise to execute on those ideas in a timely manner. Our team of data scientists have decades of experience in health data analytics and can serve as your outsourced data shop to propel projects forward.